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These Stacking Planters and Wall Planters are perfect for a Vertical Garden. See our extended range here.

Feel free to explore the pages of the new kids on the block the Multifunctional Growin Pods and the fabulous new Growin Plaque.

Welcome to the all new Stack-A-Pots website!

The all-new Stack-A-Pots website is here! With a brand new online shop featuring the complete range of Stacking Planters and Wall Planters, an interactive E-Catalogue and a complete distributor list. Rate and review your favourite products, order online with secure payment and delivery Australia wide and keep up-to-date with the where you can find us and what’s coming soon. Keep checking back in over the coming weeks for more news from Stack-A-Pots, including some exciting news relating to upcoming products….   Read more

Stackapots have been an industry leading with innovation involving Stacking planters and interesting Wall Planters and other requirements for vertical gardens. Vertical gardening is not new but the modern form of Stacking Planter and Wall Planters have gone through some fairly radical changes over the past 20years and Stackapots have been at the forefront of innovation holding many patents around the world. Stackapots developed the original lobed Stackable Planter back in 1996 which is now widely used throughout many countries. There are many variations of the Stackapots design of stacking planters but very few if any use the highest quality of raw materials like high impact food grade virgin Polypropylene Co-polymers and highest grade UV Stabilises that ensure the product will last over a decade even under the hash Australian conditions.

Stackapots has a vast extended range of Stackable Planters, Wall Planters and now with the new Growin Pods we can supply a Stacking Planter that is so multifunctional it can transform from a 360 degree layer of stackable pots to a 270 degree corner wall planter, a 180 degree flat backed fence or wall planter and also a 90 degree corner wall planter. View our catalogue to see the extended rage of stacking planters and the options we have for post and wall planters we really do have a Vertical Gardening Emporium.

Stackapots will continue to improve the designs of stackable planters and wall planter’s way into the future with some very smart ideas currently on the drawing board for    vertical gardening requirements in the current worlds chosen living space.    Return to the top